Mental Evaluations As a Defense

Mental Health Defenses

It is important to ensure that a Defendant has the mental capacity to commit a crime.  Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney, has had several clients to have been found to not have the mental capacity to be found guilty of their accused crimes. This can be due to mental illness or having a mental defect. When … Read more

Investigation of the Police’s DUI Video Leads to No DUI Conviction

Elite DUI Lawyer - Jonathan Turner

The Defendant was charged with DUI with no blood or breath test to prove intoxication.  After reviewing the police video, Jonathan Turner was able to see that the police failed to demonstrate a field sobriety test.  However in the police report the officer said that he had indeed demonstrated the test. Without that evidence the … Read more

Plead to DUI Subsequent? Not So Fast

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In order for the State to prove a subsequent DUI offense and gain extra jail time, they must be able to prove the prior DUI offenses. Recently Jonathan W. Turner, Attorney, investigated a prior conviction and found that the court records had been destroyed.  This resulted in a substantially reduced jail sentence. Thus it is … Read more