Getting a Good Probation Violation Defense Requires a Good, Experienced Attorney

How can a person get a good probation violation defense in Williamson County, TN? This is a common and often wrongly answered question. First, an attorney needs to adequately determine if the State can actually prove their case. For example, one¬†of Mr. Turner’s client’s charges were dismissed due to the State¬†obtaining a probation violation warrant … Read more

Client’s Case Dismissed Due to Constitutional Rights Violation

Client wins fight for Constitutional Rights and has case dismissed. ¬†Client was illegally arrested at gunpoint for no justifiable reason while walking down a public street and doing nothing illegal. ¬† Client was charged with two felonies and was facing prison time. ¬†However Judge ruled in client’s favor and held that the arrest was Constitutionally … Read more

On Legally Handling a DUI Case Against You

It is no laughing matter to be apprehended by an officer for driving under the influence, or DUI for short. If you were caught for DUI, you will be given summons to appear in court shortly after your arrest. You will be tried similar to a criminal, and you might have to undergo a laundry … Read more