Win: DUI Stop Declared Illegal

Recently, Mr. Turner was able to win a Motion to Suppress declaring that the stop of Defendant’s vehicle was illegal. ¬†The State contended that Mr. Turner’s client was weaving and crossed the double yellow line. ¬†However, video evidence was inconclusive, and the Judge ruled in his client’s favor. Mr. Turner’s client’s DUI will be dismissed. … Read more

Why Trials Are Needed?

Why are criminal trials needed? ¬†Here is a story loosely based on several past cases of why justice cannot be achieved without the criminal justice system playing out with a trial. My client was charged with domestic violence and kicked out of her home by the court system. ¬†The alleged, husband victim filed for divorce … Read more

Jonathan Turner Published Nationwide for DUI Defensen

Jonathan Turner was published nationwide with the following article on ( ¬†and other sites: “Nashville Attorney Receives Multiple Awards for Expertise in DUI Cases Nashville, TN: Jonathan Turner, a criminal defense attorney who practices in the Nashville, Tennessee area, has been awarded two different awards in 2016 for exceptional DUI Defense. Due to exceptional … Read more

Two DUI Dismissals In Two Weeks, How?

Jonathan Turner obtained two DUI dismissals at the General Sessions Court level over a two week span. ¬† And how? Both cases involved DUI allegations for ED drug use. ¬†Both cases were difficult to prove since neither involved alcohol. ¬†And without a BAC of .08 or more, the State needs to affirmatively prove that a … Read more

Is it hopeless if you are charged with a domestic violence offense?

No, there are plenty of opportunities for creating a defense to a domestic violence charge due to the nature of this sort of charge. First, the State is usually perpetually frustrated with these cases due to the alleged victims unwilling to cooperate after any incident. ¬† However, the State will usually try and bully the … Read more