Is prosecuting DUI for drugs more difficult for the State?

Yes, it is.  State law provides a means for a person to be convicted of DUI for alcohol if that person’s BAC (alcohol level) is >.08.  However, there is no such statutory presumption for drugs.  Thus, the State has to prove that person is under the influence of drugs and cannot lazily rely on statutory … Read more

Why go to trial in a criminal case?

This may seem like a stupid question, but it is an important question.  As a former Virginia prosecutor, I tried thousands of cases, and the reason was quite simple.  If you are either a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney and you are afraid to go to trial, then you will be pushed around and … Read more

DUI Alternative to Conviction

Davidson County has a mental health program that potentially provides an alternative to DUI convictions. Davidson County has a mental health court that provides intensive services to people who are eligible. This program can result in a person’s DUI and criminal charges being completely dismissed if a person successfully completes the program. First, a person … Read more

DUI Client Gets Second Chance

DUI client was charged with a felony along with DUI.  Jonathan Turner was able to get him approved for mental health court.  This will give him a chance to have his cases completely dismissed along with getting necessary mental and substance abuse treatment.