Getting a Good Probation Violation Defense Requires a Good, Experienced Attorney

How can a person get a good probation violation defense in Williamson County, TN? This is a common and often wrongly answered question. First, an attorney needs to adequately determine if the State can actually prove their case. For example, one¬†of Mr. Turner’s client’s charges were dismissed due to the State¬†obtaining a probation violation warrant one day after probation ended.¬† Thus the State failed to file charges in a timely manner.¬† However, this is just one example of the many¬†hurdles the State faces in proving their case, and a competent attorney will put the State to the¬†test of meeting their burden of proof.
Second, if the State can prove their case, then sentencing is key to a client’s case. It is important to have credible, influential witnesses to testify on a defendant’s behalf.¬†¬† Why?¬† The Judge needs to know more about a defendant than what the State reveals. And it helps to have influential witnesses that can transform a typical probation violator into a sympathetic human who needs a second chance.
Finally, if a client chooses to testify, it helps if the person comes across as being generally remorseful about any wrongdoings. Most importantly, the person needs to be open and honest on the stand.  Judges do not like liars and will punish liars with incarceration.
In sum, there is hope if you are charged with a probation violation. It just takes a lot of work and effort from your attorney to navigate the State’s landmine in order to bring you safely to the other side.

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