Is Having a BAC of .08 or More a Hopeless DUI Case?

Not if you have the right attorney. There are many defenses to a DUI Case that can result in a not guilty or a lesser offense. Here are just some of the issues:
a. the traffic stop is illegal;
b. the arrest was illegal;
c. the blood withdrawel was illegal;
d. the blood test was improperly performed;
e. the person has mental issues that could result in an alternative solution.

Before you plead guilty to a DUI, it is advisable to seek out an experienced attorney who can adequately determine whether there are defenses to your DUI case. Phone Jonathan Turner at 615-979-6401. He is a former DUI prosecutor who has tried hundreds of DUI cases and knows how to tailor a defense to his clients.   He will fight for your rights and your freedom.

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