On Legally Handling a DUI Case Against You

It is no laughing matter to be apprehended by an officer for driving under the influence, or DUI for short. If you were caught for DUI, you will be given summons to appear in court shortly after your arrest. You will be tried similar to a criminal, and you might have to undergo a laundry list of penalties and even jail time if you are found guilty. In short, it is not pretty to go through this harrowing experience simply because you have had one too many drinks before driving.

Fortunately, you still have a fighting chance to prove your innocence, or at the very least, lighten your sentence. Of course, you could always retain the services of an attorney who is knowledgeable in your state’s DUI laws. Having a lawyer by your side during the legal procedures allows you to better understand how the court works, as well as realize the various legal options available to you.

Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

The option to hire a lawyer is actually optional when it comes to facing a DUI charge. Enlisting the aid of an attorney, however, increases your chances of saving your license from being revoked and getting your charge either reduced or completely dismissed. There is no real guarantee, but it can be reassuring to have some expert advice on hand. Additionally, those appearing in court for the first time might want to have someone experienced at their side, and there is no better partner than a lawyer for this.

What Can an Attorney Do for Your DUI Charge?

Your attorney becomes your legal representative in court the moment you hire him or her. He or she will protect your interests, either by requesting to dismiss the charge, or to have the sentence reduced. If your license is in danger of suspension due to your arrest, your lawyer can find a way to help you retain it, or at the very least, lower the barrier for you to regain it.

In the direst of circumstances, a lawyer can help you appeal a DUI conviction. This allows everyone in court to reexamine the proceedings and determine whether or not the arrest and/or trial was done fairly. It may not be a retrial, but it could give you another opportunity to either dismiss or reduce your charge if there is a fluke in the case.


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